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The much anticipated, most talked about event in Kansas is happening soon....

We are counting down the days to the big event! March 25, 2023

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This Year's Speakers

We are so excited to share this year's lineup of speakers with you!

Amanda Radke"Legacy Building Through Advocacy"
Amanda Radke is a fifth generation rancher from Mitchell, S.D., who has dedicated her career to serving as a voice for the nation’s farmers and ranchers. Radke regularly tackles industry is-sues as a columnist and speaker. A former National FFA Extemporaneous Speaking Champion and National Beef Ambassador, Radke has spent the last 15 years on the road fighting for the agriculture, rural America, and the western way of life. She’s gone head-to-head against animal rights activists, environmental ex-tremists, politicians, and celebrities who seek to eliminate animal agriculture. She believes food security is national security, and her work is focused on keeping producers on the land and ensuring every citizen has access to safe, affordable and nutritious food in this country. Radke is the author of seven agriculturally-accurate children’s books, and her goal is to help promote agricultural literacy in schools. Radke is also a homeschooling mom of four and is de-termined to teach the next generation about where their food comes from and to celebrate the hard-working people in rural America who provide us with the essentials of life. Learn more about Radke at

We are excited to host Amanda Radke as our

keynote speaker at this year's Women In Agriculture event. 

Kim Bremmer
"The Language of Leadership:
Advocating for Agriculture in 2023 and Beyond"

Kim Bremmer grew up on a dairy farm in central Wisconsin and is a mother of two, graduate of UW-Madison and was an on-farm dairy nutrition consultant for almost 15 years. She started Ag Inspirations LLC in 2015 and has been advocating for farmers as a professional speaker, traveling across the country as well as internationally. She is passionate about protecting the use of science, technology, and innovation in how we grow and raise food. Kim is also the Executive Director of Venture Dairy Cooperative, a new third-party milk verification co-op, where she advocates on policy to help protect farmers and promote the future of dairy in Wisconsin. She serves on the executive advisory council for the American Dairy Coalition and on the advisory board for Dairy Discovery at Swisslane Farms in Alto, Michigan, is the president of Wisconsin Women for Agriculture, secretary of national American Agri-Women and a regular contributor on Rural Route Radio. Kim also hosts BoviNews, an information resource platform designed for dairy and beef producers to access leading industry experts on topics important to the success of their operations. She is an elected director for her county Farm Bureau and her latest adventure is her election to the local school board.

We are very honored to have Kim bring her knowledge to all of us at our Event!

Julene DeRouchey
"Creating Hearty, Healthy Meals"

Julene DeRouchey is a Nutrition Educator for K-State Research & Extension Pottawatomie County’s SNAP-Ed program. She partners with food pantries, schools and senior centers to teach nutrition to all ages. Prior to working with SNAP-Ed, she worked in the Kansas Wheat Commission test kitchen and was a Co-Director for the National Festival of Breads for six years. During that time, she served on the Home Baking Association board of directors. Julene began her career working for K-State Research & Extension as an Extension Agent then as a part-time assistant with K-State's Kids a Cookin’ program. In 2020, Julene was a semi-finalist in the Eggland’s Best cooking contest with her recipe Cowboy Lasagna Giddy-Up's. Julene has a bachelor’s degree in Human Ecology and Mass Communications from Kansas State University and a Kansas certificate of Public Health. She was raised on a diversified crop and livestock family farm operation. Julene and her husband Joel live on a small farm acreage near Wamego, KS. When it comes to raising their three teenagers, they believe some of life’s best lessons are taught both in the barn and in the kitchen where nutrition plays a key role. Whether it’s sit-down, on-the-go, or at a livestock show – creating hearty, healthy “meals in minutes” has become more than just a necessity for her busy family but also her mission as she helps equip families with skills and knowledge to put flavorful, nutritious dinner on the table.

This is going to be a great treat and we all get samples!

Anna Baker
"Getting your House in Order"

Anna Baker is a farmer, mother, and her most recent title, widow. Originally from Bremen, Kansas, Anna moved to Seneca in 2011 to start her career with the Natural Resources Conservation Service. In 2012, she met Chad Baker, her soon-to-be husband in November of 2013. After the wedding, two wonderful children arrived in 2016 and 2018. Life was good raising their family, cows, and crops. Tragedy struck on December 23, 2021. Chad passed away leaving behind a grief-stricken wife, children, family, and friends. In the ensuing months since her husband’s passing, Anna has become an advocate and passionate about sharing the importance of “getting your house in order.” Meaning, planning for your death when it comes to life insurance, estate and succession planning, and what to do should you be the one that has to handle these affairs after a loved one has died. She will share her grief journey and the tips and tricks that worked for her while planning for her and her children’s future. 

Anna talks on the hard topics of planning for all those "what ifs?" when in comes to life insurance, estate planning, and what to do when you're left to handle everything after a loved one dies. Drawing from her own experiences since her husband passed away, Anna will share her tips all while managing grief, children, and life when your world is turned upside down. 

Anna has a wealth information about Soil Health, running her own operation and will share her story that will resonate with so many!

Nicole DeMars & Kelsey Allen

Frontier Farm Credit Financial Officers

Financials--What are your numbers?

Nicole DeMars is a Financial Officer with Frontier Farm Credit serving part-time farmers and ranchers as well as an investor portfolio. She has served customers in these segments for the last three years in both South Dakota and Kansas. Nicole is from the Clay Center, KS area and services the counties of Clay, Riley, Pottawatomie, Geary and Dickinson. 

Kelsey Allen has been a Financial Officer at Frontier Farm Credit in Hiawatha for five years servicing our part time farmer and investor portfolio. Prior to being a Financial Officer, she served as a Country Home Loan Officer, where she worked with our entire customer segment on construction loans, refinances, and lot loans. In her 10 years at Frontier, she’s built a passion for working with all types of operations with all types of goals.

What numbers will your lender request? How to look at your balance sheet and be prepared for conversations around your operations financial health.  

Jessica Gnad-Prairie Foods
"Soil: For the Health of it"


Jess is an experienced soil health advocate with experience in the food, finance, and farming industries. She helps guide marketing campaigns, product launches, and content strategies for news media publications for PrairieFood as Director of Marketing. Excelling in executive leadership, fundraising, and building infrastructure to launch start-ups, she is a leader of the regenerative agriculture movement. Podcast host of “HPJ Talk #SoilSolutions” with High Plains Journal and leads Soil Health U. Jess was named an “Emerging Leader in Food and Ag” in 2021.  

Jessica is a Soil Health Powerhouse that you will not want to miss!


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